Sectional overhead doors

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    Sectional doors – Save time, energy, and money!

    The ultimate overhead door helps you to save time, energy, and money. Thanks to years of development, we have created an overhead door of the highest quality. Safety and sustainability are our top priorities. We create the right overhead door for every building and situation, from car garages to loading bays.

    Advantages of our overhead doors

    The sectional doors stand out with many advantages:

    • Highly versatile
    • Durable
    • Energy-saving
    • High insulation value
    • Made to measure
    • Many options for every situation
    • Safe

    Features of our sectional doors

    Excellent insulation

    Our standard door panel (40 mm thick) offers a good insulation value. Thanks to the thermal break between the inside and outside of the panel, heat cannot break through from one side to the other. The same also applies to our special full-vision panels. For situations that call for extra insulation, we also offer our extra-insulated panel. This panel is 80 mm thick.

    Opening time

    Loading Systems’ well-insulated overhead doors help close off the building. Heat (or cold) can escape from the building when the overhead doors are open for too long. It is therefore important to keep the opening time as short as possible. Smart controls can optimize the door opening time. By using a radar, the door opens when the forklift approaches and closes after the forklift has passed. This not only gives a huge boost in efficiency but also in climate preservation in the building!

    Different types of overhead doors

    Dock door

    The dock door is specifically designed for use in loading and unloading bays. The well-thought-out construction and the materials used make the Loading Systems dock door extremely reliable and less susceptible to wear and tear.

    Full-vision overhead doors

    With the full-vision overhead door, you create maximum light and a view of what is on offer inside, such as in showrooms. This eliminates the need for artificial lighting in the building.

    Extra-large overhead door

    The Loading Systems’ extra-large overhead doors are specifically constructed for applications up to 12 meters wide. Each overhead door is custom designed for your building. Safe and durable.

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