OGS sectional fire door

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    Overhead steel doors are custom-made according to the customer’s dimensional requirements. They are tested according to European standards (ČSN EN) and can be supplied in various versions.
    The individual sections of the gate are connected by steel hinges. Moreover, the connections between sections, doorjamb and lintels are lined with an intumescent material which, in the case of fire, fills in the seams. High-quality steel bearing rollers ensure easy, maintenance-free operation of the fire door leaf.

    Sectional – EI 30 to EI 60 DP1-C2, EW 30 to 90 DP1-C2

    The fire door is composed of individual horizontal sections, each with a height of 400 to 700 mm advantage of maintaining a low lintel (500 mm) while keeping a high fire resistance of the gate each section is manufactured from thin-walled steel profiles and are covered with fire-resistant boards and zinc-plated sheets the individual sections of the door leaf are connected by steel hinges to form a single compact door leaf.

    Gates can be manufactured in the following versions:

    • standard (lintel 900 mm)
    • enhanced (for higher lintels)
    • vertical (full vertical movement)
    • control only by motor
    • maximum leaf weight 1000 kg
    Hinged leaf

    optional installation into the sectional gate of a transit hinged leaf door with a reduced threshold of 30 mm (see section “Integrated hinged leaf”)

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