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    Prioritizing Safety, Ergonomics, and Efficiency in Workspaces

    In today’s fast-paced industries, from logistics and commerce to manufacturing and distribution centers, it’s crucial to integrate solutions that bolster safety, promote ergonomic practices, and streamline operations. Hymo’s lift tables, renowned for their reliability and efficiency, are the answer.

    Why Choose Hymo’s Lift Tables?

    • Safety First: Minimize workplace accidents and protect your assets with our rigorously tested products.
    • Ergonomics: Our designs cater to human engineering, reducing strains and boosting productivity.
    • Efficiency: From logistics hubs to distribution centers, experience faster operations and reduced manual efforts. The possibilities to automate various production processes significantly elevate efficiency.
    • Reliability: With Hymo, you invest in quality, durability, and steadfast performance.
    • Customization: Tailor-made solutions for diverse industries, be it commerce, manufacturing, or any other domain.
    Optima Lift Table AX

    Hymo AX Lift Tables is available with lifting capacities up to 2000 kg and a stroke of 800 mm. HYMO AX equipped with fork entry base frame (optional accessory) becomes a flexible solution when the movement of the lift between sites, without the load, is required. Hymo AX is an ideal choice.

    Optima Lift Table AXX

    Hymo AXX is a standard model available with a lifting capacity of 400 kg and a stroke of 800mm. Hymo AXX has a vertically mounted double scissors package. Hymo AXX is ideal for handling with “half-size” pallets (800*600mm).

    Maxima Lift Table BX & BXT

    Hymo BX Lift Tables provide the basis of many solutions to industrial lifting problems. They are produced in a range of lift heights and with load capacities from 1 to 3 tons. In tandem format – type BXT – two synchronised tables fixed in line increase the total capacity of 6 tons. Hymo BX tables can be customised for any application. In single, tandem or double configuration, these lift tables can withstand hard operating conditions and are noted for their high operational reliability and long service life.

    Maxima Lift Table BXX & BXXX

    BXX is a double format version of the BX table – two scissor mechanisms are fixed on top of each other. This provides increased lift travel (for use between two floors in a building, for example) with capacities up to 4 tons. Double unit Capacitiy: 1000 – 4000 kg Lift travel: 1500 -4300 mm Platform length: 1350 – 3100 mm Platform width: 800 – 1800 mm Hymo BXXX is an alternative for high lifting heights with the advantage of a rather small platform lenght. A separate power unit is standard.

    Optima Lift Table EAX

    Hymo EAX is available with lifting capacities 1000 and 2000 kg and a stroke of 800 mm. EAX is suited to many applications where an ergonomic working height is important. Hymo EAX is available only as a standard model and not designed for customisation which is reflected in the economial pricing of the EAX range.

    Optima Lift Table MX & MXT

    Hymo MX has a lifting capacity up to 2000 kg and a stroke of 800 mm. Hymo MX has a rectangular platform and can be loaded with the aid of a ramp (option). the MX-table can be placed directly on the floor or in a shallow pit. Hymo MXT has a lifting capacity up to 3000kg and a stroke of 800mm. Hymo MXT has an extra long lifting platform which is faciliated up by two horizontally placed scissor packages. Hymo MXT is designed for the handling of long goods and materials. MXT has a low closed height. They are also ideal as independent workstations handling Euro- and CHEP as wells a UK pallets.

    Optima Lift Table Trolley TX

    The Hymo Lift Trolley is an all-in-one load transporter and worktable. A mobile lift table, which can be used for the transportation and handling of goods or simply as a workbench for assembly, stacking or machine feeding operations. The TXC lift trolley needs no power supply. The lifting movement is activated with a foot pedal and the lowering with a hand control, allowing the operator to select the most ergonomic working position. Hymo TXC has a lifting cpacity of 150, 300, 350 and 500 kg.

    Maxima Lift Table DX

    Hymo DX Lift Tables represent the high-capacity end of the Hymo range offering lifting capacities from 3 to 10 tons. In tandem format – type DXT – two synchronised tables fixed in line increase the total capacity to between 4 and 20 tons and the joint platform is increased proportionately in size. This makes Hymo DX lift tables – in singel or tandem format – often the clear solution for applications with high capacity demands and where some degree of customisation is required. Hymo DX tables are used extensively in materials flow and manufacturing systems, for example in heavy board/sheet feeding and stacking, and coil and reel handling. They are an integral part of production lines – in industries such as automotive manufacturing – and other production-critical process lines. These lift tables also serve as complete loading platforms and as in-plant lifts between floor levels.

    Maxima Lift Table LX

    Hymo LX has a lifting capacity up to 10 000 kg and a stroke of up to 1600mm. Hymo LX is designed to meet the demands of high precision and reliability when briding level differences within heavy industry. Hymo LX is specially adapted to loading bay applications and is equipped for external locations. Single unit Capacitiy: 3000 – 10000 kg Lift travel: 1600 – 2000 mm Platform length: 3000 – 3100 mm Platform width: 2000 mm.

    Optima Lift Table MXE

    Hymo MXE has a lifting capacity up to 2000 kg and a stroke of 800mm. The E-shape platform and the very low closed height makes MXE an unrivalled choice for handling palletised goods. The arms of the “E” support the pallet. Hymo MXE can be loaded by hand pallet truck. The low closed height means the MXE-table can be sited directly on the floor – no pit is needed. it can quickly and easily be moved to a new location when requred. This lift is for use with open ended pallets. Our E-shaped low-profile table is specially adapted for handling Euro- and CHEP as well as UK pallets.

    Spring Level Loader (PalletPal)

    Our PalletPal is a spring actuated level loader that makes loading and unloading pallets faster, safer and easier. It uses a system of calibrated springs and shock absorbers to lower and raise loads up to 2040 kg as boxes are added to or removed from pallets. A turntable allows nearside loading/unloading. No power or air supply is required.

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