High-speed spiral door EFA-SST® Secure (RC 3)

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    The secure high-speed door.

    With the EFA-SST® Secure, you can provide maximum protection to the people around you without having to forego the speed of an efficient high-speed door. The door fits seamlessly into the structure of the building and impresses with top opening and closing speeds. Your processes remain quick and efficient while your valuables receive optimum protection.
    With our Secure series you will find the perfect solution for every security application.

    High-speed spiral door EFA-SST® Secure (RC 3)

    Unassailable security

    Double-sided, automatic locking mechanisms reliably and securely close the door after every closing operation, turning it into a nearly insurmountable obstacle.
    Thanks to the extremely robust construction and a drive by reinforced hinge chains, the door is optimally suited for use in sensitive zones and offers excellent burglary protection.

    Guaranteed longevity

    The average opening speed of the door leaf is about 1.0 m/s. The closing speed is approx. 0.6 m/s. The EFA-SST® Secure is generally designed for 250,000 load cycles per year and a service life of least 10 years. The EFA-SST® Secure can cover openings ranging in size from a front door to a truck entrance.

    Manual emergency opening

    For quick and easy emergency opening by hand, the cases of the EFA-SST® Secure include special springs. In case of an emergency or power failure, the door can thus be opened within a few seconds to evacuate the endangered area as quickly as possible.

    Certified resistance

    Thanks to certification in accordance with DIN/TS 18194:2020 by ift Rosenheim, the door achieves resistance class 3 (RC 3) and thus protects against burglary, robbery and vandalism.

    EFA-SST® Secure (RC 3) at a glance:
    • Resistance class RC 3 in accordance with DIN/TS 18194:2020 – RC 3
    • Patented technology
    • Tested and certified by ift Rosenheim
    • Automatic locking during every closing procedure
    • Emergency opening by tension springs
    • Opening speed up to 1.0 m/s
    • Closing speed up to 0.6 m/s
    • Up to 250,000 operating cycles per year
    • Max. sizes, w=4,000 mm, h=5,000 mm

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