High-speed doors Butzbach

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    The fast industrial door

    We offer the most reliable solution for all your high-speed door requirements. The short opening and closing times with speeds of up to 5 m/s increase the efficiency of your internal logistics processes. You can better control your processes, prevent unnecessary heat loss and significantly reduce energy costs.

    Horizontal. Fast. Reliable.
    Our original with our promise of quality. We are convinced of our products and performance and therefore offer a guarantee of at least 500,000 opening cycles on the first set of high-speed door springs.

    Your advantages
    • Very short opening and closing times
    • Collisions almost impossible
    • Minimized air exchange by reduced opening and closing periods
    • Extremely long lifetime
    • Low operating costs due to a minimum of wearing parts
    • No dripping of dirty water or particles onto the goods (important in the food sector)
    • No dangerous braking which increases safety at work
    • Smooth logistics processes
    • Guaranteed 500.000 opening cycles on the springs

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