Armo Traditional doors for garages

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    Elegant doors for garages

    Line Armony door solutions for garages go up vertically and scroll alongside the ceiling, without taking extra space both internally and externally . Armo suggests some traditional models in white colour, elegant and perfectly suitable with your house. All of Armo garage doors are tailor made and can be customized with many different, high-grade accessories and trims, such as handles and windows.

    Replacing your old box with a Armo garage door would allow you:
    • To get back some space in front of the garage
    • To take advantage of the door’s maximal opening
    • To get in and get out the garage with no need to get off the car



    Thermally insulated Marcegaglia production panels, with anti-pinching junction


    The door is equipped with motorization and remote control to get access to the garage easily and effortlessly

    Opening and closing

    Trolley with double wheel for a better sliding and quietnes


    Powerful, elegant designed and equipped with lightweight.

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