Stockmann Centrs

"Stockmann Centrs"

"Stockmann" — Finnish company, network of shops on the sale of clothes and commodities for a house.

Shenker Tallina

"Shenker Tallina"

"Schenker" - part of "Schenker GROUP" company which is one of international suppliers of advancement of logistic and providing of services for loads.

Cido Grupa


"CIDO" – leading producer of juices and fresheners in Latvia and one of the largest in the countries of the Baltic States.

Avers Centrs

"Avers Centrs"

"Avers Centrs" is a wholesaler of food products.

  "Kuhl & Nagel"

German company, one of the world's leading logistics providers in virtually all key industry sectors including: Aerospace, Automotive, High Tech, Industrials, Oil & Gas Logistics, Pharma & Healthcare, Retail.

VP Market

VP Market "Maxima"

One of the leaders in the area of retail business in the Baltic region.


"Valdo" warehouse

"Valdo" noliktava is engaged in services of logistics and warehouse facilities.


"Unifex" warehouse

Unifex – one of the leading companies-distributers of consumer goods in Latvia.

Latvijas Pasts

"Latvijas Pasts"

The basic type of activity of "Latvijas Pasts" is doing postal services to the legal entities and physical persons of Latvian Republic.


Fresh Vegetables and Fruits delivery direct to your home, apartment or Office in Rīga and Jūrmala.

                                                   "Mitsubishi & Hyundai Salons"

       Official dealer of Mitsubisi & Hyndai cars in Latvia                     
Международный аэропорт "Рига"

International airport "Rīga"

An international airport  "Riga".

"Tabakas Nams" warehouse

The basic sphere of activity of company "TABAKAS NAMS GRUPA" are import and wholesale of swizzles, wares of tobaccos and concomitant accessories.

Domenikss Centrs

"Domenikss Centrs"

Domenikss - Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz general representative in Latvia, which became one of leading enterprises in Latvia on car trading.

AS "Lode"

AS "Lode"

A joint-stock company "Lode" is the largest producer of ceramic build materials in the Baltic countries.

AS "Valmieras stikla šķiedra"

AS "Valmieras stikla šķiedra"

АО "Valmieras stikla šķiedra" - one of the most major concerns of chemical and textile industries in the Baltic countries.

AS "Livu Alus"

AS "Livu Alus"

Brewery "Livu Alus", one of the greatest producers of beer in Latvia, both in the name and in basic principles of activity, proudly carries honour of age-old word "līvu".





"PROFS" noliktava

"PROFS" warehouse

PROFS –enterprise trading in electro-materials, by a lighting technique, sanitary engineering, warmth and cold supply , instruments and build fastenings.

  • SIA "Mūsu māja"
  • SIA "PBLC"
  • SIA "NĪA"
  • SIA "Re un Re"
  • SIA "Merks"
  • SIA "Arčers"
  • SIA "NCC Konstrukcija"
  • SIA "S.B.C."
  • SIA "Constructus"
  • A/S "VENCEB"
  • SIA "DV Serviss"
  • SIA "Troja"
  • A/S "Siguldas Būvmeistars"
  • SIA "Ausmas"
  • SIA "Friteks"
  • SIA "Kolorīts"
  • SIA "SKAI Baltija"
  • SIA "Akvedukts"
  • SIA "L-Ekspresis"
  • SIA "Rimi Latvia"
  • A/S "Valmieras Stikla šķiedra"
  • SIA "YIT Tehsistem"
  • A/S "Lauma"
  • SIA "V.O.V.A."
  • A/S Torņu un autoceltņu firma "Ubak"
  • A/S " LX Grupa "
  • SIA "Elbi"
  • VAS "Starptautiskā lidosta "Rīga"
  • VAS "Latvijas Pasts"
  • SIA "Europark"
  • SIA "Peri"
  • SIA "Ditton Būve"
  • SIA "ZAAO"
  • SIA "Lodes Ķieģelis"
  • SIA "ABB"
  • SIA "Unifex"
  • Z/S "Ezerkaulinņi"
  • SIA "SIA "Stockmann Centrs"
  • SIA "Skandi Motors"
  • SIA "Domenikss"
  • A/S "Grindeks"
  • SIA "Lattelecom"
  • SIA "MAXIMA Latvija"
  • RSEZ SIA "Verems
  • SIA "Litana Latvija"
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